Update: The Mike Daisey Incident

Daisey has posted a follow-up to the kerfuffle at the ART on his blog, where he actually had the chance to speak to the administrator and the individual who destroyed his outline for the show.

His name is David. At the beginning of the conversation there was a lot of silence–long, long silences that neither of us were willing to puncture. First I made him understand what he had done–that these were the only set of notes for the show, how I work with them, what he had cost me in terms of my physical work and in terms of what it had been like that next night to go out in front of them. I needed him to understand what he had taken from me.

Read the rest here.

The Playgoer has some additional information and insight on responses from both Daisey and the school, for those playing along at home.

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