Young Jean Lee’s “We’re Gonna Die” Streaming Online

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Awesome news! If you missed Young Jean Lee‘s contribution to 13p, We’re Gonna Die, which closed up last week at Joe’s Pub, you’re in luck–now, the entire show is streaming for free, online at LiveStream.

With We’re Gonna Die, Lee set out new challenges for herself but by putting herself front and center: performing monologues and songs, backed by her band Future Wife. Through a series of stories, Lee touched on life, death, and fear of the future, going back to awkward youthful experiences with the lonely weird uncle (who turns out to just be really, really sad), to the experience of watching a loved one die. The show arouses rather strong and diverse reactions: I left completely energized and renewed, Lee’s smart and touching performance delivering a classic sort of catharsis. Others I went with left a bit depressed.

Whatever the case, we all agreed it was good–very good, even–and it’s highly recommended you check it out.

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