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The Field has launched GOTOUR — its new website for independent performing artists, arts administrators, and audiences nationwide.

With a goal of creating a comprehensive map of the national independent arts community, they are encouraging all performing artists and arts organizations to add information and share experiences in five categories:

  • Destinations – artist-recommended local venues from coffee houses to formal theaters, searchable by region, discipline, and seating capacity.
  • Local Guides – articles by artists and arts administrators on performance spaces and more in their hometown communities
  • Provisions – local resources recommended by artists and administrators in the community, including support services, publicity resources, teaching opportunities, and places to socialize with other artists.
  • Sharing the Road – classified listings to facilitate locating artistic collaborators, production assistance, services, goods, and other resources.
  • Speak Out! – a bulletin board for focused, issue-oriented discussions and resource listings

“…When conceiving GOTOUR, The Field envisioned a site that would marry the web’s efficient communication and resource sharing with our emphasis on developing meaningful, flexible iterations of community,” they state. “Thus, the site was conceived in order to meet two objectives. First, to capture the current state of the national independent arts community and promote its diverse resources. Second, to generate new artistic and career directions for the community’s constituents by providing a democratic infrastructure that fosters the sharing of local solutions and developing models to be shared on a national basis…”

(found at the NYFA website)

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