Bread of Affliction

Culturebot’s favorite holiday is fast-approaching! That’s right – it’s time for all of Moses’s peeps to kick it old school and celebrate gettin’ the heck out of Egypt. Take That, Pharaoh! And since this is NYC there’s lots of performance-y ways to celebrate Passover.

On Sunday, April 4th Michael Dorf from The Knitting Factory along with The Museum of Jewish Heritage and Art Exchange present The Downtown Seder. It’s a pricey gig, but there’s some serious entertainment going on including what is sure to be a rousing “Dayeinu” led by Perry Farrell of Jane’s Addiction and the recitation of the bitter herbs by the inimitable Jackie Hoffman!

And then on Tuesday, April 6th, Consciousness Company (a brand-new artists’ collective) presents the COco Seder which promises to be “a living installation and multimedia exploration of the Passover Seder.” There will be poetry, music, performance, visuals and food to create an evening-length participatory performance celebrating the idea of freedom in all its manifestations. I’ve heard rumors of actual goat sacrifice … but those are just rumors.

Do you know of any other Passover Seder madness? Leave a comment here with the info.

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