Support the Arts. Meet Girls.

When I got out of school and started my first theater company, it was with a bunch of guys. Seemed like most theater companies that I knew were mostly a bunch of guys and a few hardy girls toughing it out and doing plays by guys. I’m sure there were plenty of people elsewhere that were more gender-balanced, but this was the midwest (and subsequently the Pacific Northwest) and, well, things weren’t quite as urbane and sophisticated as they are now.

My, my how times have changed. This weekend I was at a fundraiser for a friend’s theater company when I looked up over the rim of my cocktail glass and did a quick, unscientific, demographic analysis. Let’s just say that there were a lot of attractive, single women talking to each other. And I started thinking that somewhere in NYC there is a room full of single men asking themselves, “Where are all the girls?”

Whoever figures out how to convince those guys that they will meet lots of girls by donating money to the arts and going to arts events will revolutionize fundraising.

Did I mention that we’re having “Cocktails with Culturebot” on October 18th at the Open Air Bar? Just checking.

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