An Avant-Garde Primer

4 thoughts on “An Avant-Garde Primer”

  1. Vvoi says:

    I would say there seems to be a paradox between the way Jefferson presents the avant-garde as a world of experimentation, and her admitting that the avant-garde is “not a designated tribe of rebel outsiders anymore. It is a set of tools and practices”. I believe this paradox is part of the way the avant-garde is being seen and felt, but I would have like to seen some sort of critical appraoch to that. I’ve written a little more on that a couple of days ago, here.

  2. David says:

    I’m late on this comment, but let me point out – SHAMELESS SELF-PROMOTION – that Jefferson’s “introduction” to the avant-garde comes 5 months after Time Out New York did a similar spread for theater, new music, modern dance and art galleries. And we did it better!

  3. John Wyszniewski says:

    David has a point on this, but don’t we all know that the NY Times is about 1-2 years late on all trends. Once anything hits the big boy, it’s old news.

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