this week in the week that was to be

You know, summer is a busy time in NYC. It’s nuts. We here at Culturebot have been swamped with work and it has been hard to get out and see as much as we’d like to. Here are some of the things we’re trying to see this week:

Christine Jorgensen Reveals at 59E59.

Big Dance Theater Summerfest at DUMBO STABLE.

To One I Saw Small” at Merce Cunningham Studio.

Yeah, I know there are billion shows out there. But until Culturebot gets bought by Citysearch or Gawker Media, we’re a one-man operation and coverage will just have to be limited.

That being said – are you studying arts journalism? Are you a perf studies grad student? Are you a recent graduate of NYU’s ITP program? Wanna see shows for free and get to meet lots o’ artists? Then come work for Culturebot (for free). Email andyATps122DOTorg.

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