WYSIWYG Film Festival

In case you didn’t know, we are coming up on the third annniversary of The WYSIWYG Talent Show, the all-blogger reading and performance series. On Tuesday, February 14th we will be holding our special third anniversary show, “Worst.Sex.Ever 3: When Bad Sex Happens to Good People” featuring many funny and talented bloggers, including a superspecial secret guest who edits one of the hottest blogs on the web. I can’t announce it yet. But soon.

And on Tuesday January 24th we’ll be holding the first WYSIWYG Film Festival – a festival of film and video by bloggers and video bloggers. So join us at P.S. 122 on Tuesday at 7:30 for this cool program.

Artists showing films (and in some cases performing) include Brian Levin and Bob Castrone of The Post Show (thepostshow.com),Chelsea Peretti of Variety SHAC
(chelseaperetti.blogspot.com and thevarietyshac.com), The Hazzards (hazzards.blogspot.com), Jon Friedman (tremendousrabbit.blogspot.com). Odd Todd (oddtodd.com), Jessica Delfino (jessydelfino.blogspot.com). Ryanne Hodson (ryanedit.blogspot.com, freevlog.org, and node101.org), Jay Dedman (momentshowing.net and node101.org), Daniel Liss (mookievlog.blogspot.com and pouringdown.blogspot.com) and Lynn Lane (docmaker.blogspot.com)

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