Hear the Ocean Roar Underwater

This Friday, April 21st is going to be a crazy, knock-down, drag-out, extrava-rama evening at P.S.122.

First off, it’s opening night of Radiohole‘s Fluke (Solemn Mysteries of the Ancient Order of the Deep) or Dick Dick Dick in which our intrepid Radioholes plumb the depths of Melville’s master work, bringing forth twisted gifts from the bottom of the oceans of their subconsciouses (?!). Good God y’all, you just know it’s going to blow your mind!

And also Taylor Mac’s aquatic extravaganza Red Tide Blooming continues down it’s glittering path of fabulousness. Sea creatures, glitter, nudity, song & dance and mayhem!

And then at 10pm(ish)we’ll be having The Underwater Party in the upstairs theater to celebrate the shows and announce the 2006 recipient of the Ethyl Eichelberger Award – so join us and dive into an outrageously good time!

And then, as if that weren’t enough, after the Underwater Party there will be a special afterparty at Element!

(In order to be on the P.S. 122 list for Element you must buy your Radiohole or Taylor Mac tickets for 4/21 no later than 5PM on Friday.)

Buy tickets online now at theatermania. (remember, there are no fees on any tickets to P.S. 122 so it costs the same online, over the phone or in person!)

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