Open Secrets

Time Out New York’s annual theater issue features “20 Dirty Secrets” about the New York theater scene, most of which aren’t that dirty or that secret if you’ve been around awhile. The Shubert Organization controls the Great White Way? Yep. Off-Broadway wages suck for actors? Uh huh. Actors like gossip? Get out, no way!

We did particularly like dirty secret #3: Beware the blogotainmercial:

You know that clever theater blog you bookmarked, the one with inside dope on the edgiest shows and artists? Be careful—it might be a PR tool. Marketing departments have offered drama bloggers free seats to write about hipster-skewing plays such as Pig Farm and Dying City. Mind you, theaters don’t demand positive write-ups; they just want the cool-kid buzz. Blogs to trust: George Hunka’s Superfluities, Isaac Butler’s Parabasis and Jaime’s Surplus.
Luckily, TONY included links to the blogs that are trustworthy, including TONY’s own theater editor David Cote, obvi. Culturebot not included. So don’t trust a word we say.

Also, TONY dips into the Page Six pool with some blind item gossip, like “Which acclaimed experimental auteur has more enemies than friends for his tyrannical, womanizing ways?” Um, there’s only one?

Spring Theater Preview [TONY]

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