Imported Live from Staten Island

P.S.122’s Best of the Boroughs Festival (B.o.B) kicks off tonight with Sara Valentine’s Little Miss Big Mouth, the live action talk show, presenting a two-part special series investigating the wild and wacky world of NYC’s “Forgotten Borough.” Called “Peripherally YoursÂ…With Love, Staten Island” the show transports audiences to the summit of Todt Hill and the shores of the Atlantic, revealing the hidden splendor and charm of the outermost borough.

Discover for yourself what makes Staten Island so unique @ “Peripherally Yours…”

Friday April 6th and Saturday April 7th at 8pm at P.S. 122
150 1st Avenue @ 9th Street, in Manhattan.

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Here’s the line-up:

Friday, April 6th

  • Reverend Adele from Mystikal Wonders – on why S.I. is the hub of all Wiccan activity in NYC
  • Trish & Christoph – lead a guided tour of the North Shore and a song…Simon & Garfunkel meet Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players
  • Jesse Tigner Hayden McCrary, Jr. presents “Men Dancing , ” a pas de deux in the nude
  • Tiokasin Ghosthorse – Native American storyteller and flute player, host of WBAI’s First Voices Radio performs live
  • Century Dance Complex – present a traditional African dance by Liberian artist Rose Kingston & her dancers
  • Elektro Motif – presents interactive poetry and music, featuring Doug Principato, Will Wyn, Marguerite Rivas and Andre Martinez

Saturday, April 7th

  • Staten Island Paranormal Society – talks about ghost busting on S.I. and hunts for P.S. 122’s resident ghost
  • Minnie Van Driver – Staten Island’s Ambassador of Love serenades and waxes philosophical on the island
  • Gabri Christa – Caribbean dancer, theatre and film artist gets interviewed while performing an automatic dance
  • A New Shade of Black – a performance by Staten Island’s all black, post-hardcore band
  • The Sisters Wijesinghe – recent emigrants to S.I. and students at the College of Staten Island perform a traditional Sri Lankan dance
  • Sheila Rohan – an interview with the director of the Nanette Bearden Contemporary Dance Theatre
  • Day de DaDa – the Art Nurses and the Mighty Men of DaDa welcome you to S.I.
  • The Eternal Knitter of Staten Island – Knits during the show

Food provided by Panini Grill of Forest Avenue in Staten Island

Features for both nights:

Jenny Tango & Maureen Seaberg – Octagenarian feminist artist meets the undercover reporter of S.I. in their shared role as co-hosts

The Little Miss Big Mouth House Band – Fronted by Sari Rubinstein of Rubulad and featuring Mary Feaster of the Circus Amok Band, a resident Islander who will perform an “Ode to the Dancing Aliens” of Staten Island

Also in the house band: Viva and Kim of the all-girl world dance band Paprika

Video interview with local groundhog, Staten Island Chuck , and his keeper, Doug Schwartz, who is building the City of Rocks on Staten Island’s South Shore, which will also be profiled

A Night out With Sammy – Documented cab ride with the Island’s alpha dog of drivers, Sammy, the Catholic Egyptian cab driver who speaks Ebonics fluently and recites poetry while driving his 9+ passengers up and down the hills of S.I.

Footage of Staten Island’s splendor…from the summit of Todt Hill to the shores of the Atlantic, the Ship’s Graveyard to the Ferry Terminal, the double-decker diner on Hylan Blvd. to the Italian-Catholic Shrine made of rocks and shells in Rosebank, the house of Alice Austen to the Tibetan Museum….and every bagel shop in between.

Set by Gallery Six owner Jeff Kolasinski, with the work of Staten Island artists Tom Ronse and Cynthia Von Buhler, plus more…

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