Essential Self Enough Already

In the interest of putting an end to our recent dustup on the internets, aka The Great Essential Self-Defense Hullabaloo of Aught Seven, Isaac Butler of Parabasis gently suggested we amend our post about Essential Self-Defense. Here’s what he found to be inaccurate:

“The two key facts you got wrong were that (A) bloggers who had written about the show received free tickets when (as far as I know) only one blogger who wrote about the show did (Rocco at What Blows) and (B) that bloggers were thrown a “kegger” as an attempt to get in their good graces when in fact only one blogger attended a party at a show that she purchased a ticket for that was not for bloggers at all.”

The record stands corrected.

There, done, fini. Virtual hugs and linkbacks all around.

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