Over at Parabasis, blogging stalwart Isaac Butler clarifies some facts about his exclusive cabal, the NYCTB (New York City Theater Bloggers). Originally gathered to attend a performance of Roundabout’s Pig Farm, and hopefully illustrate the viability of the internets to the traditionally stodgy press and marketing folks at mainstream non-profits, this veritable Justice League of theater bloggers has become something of an institution. According to Butler:

Since then, that group of people has (in part or in full) hung out, seen each other’s shows and gone drinking a couple of times. We also regularly comment on each other’s blogs etc.

Eventually I thought it would be good for us to keep in touch about issues like New Play Development, My Name is Rachel Corrie, Class in Theater and each other’s shows, so I created a listserve, the NYCTB, via yahoo groups. I already belong to a few, so it seemed like an easy thing to do.

But wait, you say, I blog about shows, why am I not on the list? Butler spells out his parameters for inclusion in the NYCTB later, including “(1) conflicts within myself about how official I want this whole thing to be, (2) longevity of the blog in question (I don’t want to invite someone who isn’t going to be doing this in three months), (3) the blog not being NYC based.”

But take heart, theater blogging has grown since the group’s inception, and Parabasis wants to hear from you, if you’ve got what it takes. So, if you live in the city and want to be part of fun, email parabasisnyc ATyahooDOTcom with a link to your blog. As we’ve learned lately, the artsblogging world, particularly theater, is sort of in its wild west phase, so its good to have a forum for discussion and to hash out any issues, be it with the MSM or intra-blog feuding. A virtual town hall if you will. (Virtual saloon and whorehouse TK).

Oh, lest we forget, another way you can meet fellow theater bloggers, kunstmachers, and the like is to come to Culturebot Cocktails, Part II: The Revengening. (And with that, our shameless self-promotion quota for the day is filled.)

Culturebot Cocktails

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