ChipTune Cruise

Oh those crazy kids at The Tank!!! They’re having a boat party with the three hottest Chiptune Acts** this side of the Atlantic on board ready to completely blow your mind – ANAMANAGUCHI, BIT SHIFTER, and NULLSLEEP. So come prepared to be AMAZED.

**CHIPTUNES – music performed using the sound chips of old gaming consoles like Game Boys and Nintendos. Extremely high energy, blippy dancey goodness!**

The Second Annual Tank on a Boat Party
Friday, September 14th. 7pm Boarding, BOAT LEAVES 8PM SHARP! Back at 11pm.
Skyport Marina – E. 23rd St & FDR Drive
$15 in Advance, $25 at the Boat
18+ with Cash Bar for 21+

Click HERE for info & tix.

combines the raw, electronic tones of the NES sound chip with driving, melodic guitars in an indie rock/powerpop fashion. 18 year-old Peter Berkman began experimenting with the console in late 2003, swapping songs with friends from his hometown (fellow guitarist George Brower, Baken, and Kurt Feldman from The Depreciation Guild). In May of 2004, looking for a way to perform the 8-bit songs live, he got together a second guitarist and bassist to play along with the NES. Since then Anamanaguchi has been very active playing PulseWave concerts in New York and various shows on the east coast. In August they released their debut Power Supply on 8bitpeoples.

BIT SHIFTER explores high-energy, low-bit music composed and performed on a Nintendo Game Boy. The result is an unapologetically fun foray into an evocative and distinctive soundset traditionally reserved for video game sound effects and background music, all done on a console generally misperceived as being technically limited. Made possible by Oliver Wittchow and Johan Kotlinski’s respective home-brew Game Boy musicmaking programs Nanoloop and Little Sound DJ, Bit Shifter’s music adopts and subverts the playfulness inherent in the familiar Game Boy soundset, repurposing it into the service of novel idioms. Based in New York City, Bit Shifter has performed over one hundred shows worldwide, having recently circumnavigated the planet in a 20-date world tour with fellow chiptune compatriot Nullsleep.

NULLSLEEP uses Game Boys and NES consoles to create conceptually unique music that blends subversive hardware hacking with powerful melodic pop. In 1999, together with friend Mike Hanlon from Detroit, he cofounded the 8bitpeoples: a collective of artists interested in the audio/video aesthetics of early computers and videogames. In the time since, Nullsleep has released a number of recordings through 8bitpeoples, his most recent work focusing on music created with the Nintendo Game Boy and Nintendo Entertainment System platforms. His constant push for new ways to force the most out of yesterday’s machines and the unparalleled romantic chiptune intensity embodied in his music have gained him notice worldwide. Whether thrashing away on a keyboard hooked up to a Game Boy like an electric guitar or rocking hacked NES cartridges, Nullsleep consistently demonstrates his passion for pushing the limits of both the hardware and the heart.< br>

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