compani javedani at TribecaPAC

I know nothing about this company but it sounds like it might be cool:

Tribeca Work & Show Festival presents compani javedani

From Persia with Measured Love ~ Ketab : Yek

a world-premiere full-length work

Tribeca Performing Arts Center ~ 199 Chambers Street, New York City

Thursday April 3 + Friday April 4 @ 7pm, $10

More info: http://tribecapac. org/air. htm

Choreography: Sahar Javedani in collaboration with the dancers

Performers: Kelley Branch, Megan Sipe, Sahar Javedani

Costumes and Sound Engineering: Sahar Javedani

Music: Kate Conklin Orkestra, Gogol Bordello, Savina Yannatou, A.R. Rahman, Kardes Turkuler, Cheb i Sabbah, Anour Brahem Trio, Mahwash, Csokolom, Abdolnaghi Afsharnia, Morteza

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