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so i was down at Soho Rep for the writer/director lab reading of Mallery Avidon’s work-in-progress called THE PAST IS NOT A FOREIGN COUNTRY – (VERY PERSONAL) MAPS OF SEATTLE, directed by Jose Zayas. She collected (is collecting) the memories and impressions of the city from ex-Seattle-ites. I had fun listening to all the contributed words and stories, (and listening for my own), it made me want to dig up all my old writing from back then and…(Cue “Memories” from Cats)…. There was literally a cast of thousands! Superfun!!

[Random Seattle Question: Does anyone out there remember a touring production of Sizwe Banzi Is Dead being presented in Seattle somewhere around 1991-1993? I have this vague, fuzzy memory of seeing a performance of the show, with Q&A, by the original two actors, in a little auditorium somewhere on Capitol Hill near Cornish]

Anyhoo, while i was walking over to Soho Rep I passed the apex art gallery where there’s an art show curated by dave eggers. The gallery was closed, I think. But this poster caught my eye:

eggers art poster

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