New Life Berlin

Oh, Berlin! How I wish I could visit thee! (And all the New York artists who have moved there!!)

NEW LIFE BERLIN is a contemporary art festival organized by WOOLOO.ORG and dedicated to new modes of moving and existing.

The festival will take place in Berlin, Germany between 1-15 of June 2008. Artists and writers are invited to participate in the festival program.

Please CLICK HERE to learn more about the festival program.


As part of the NEW LIFE BERLIN art festival organized by WOOLOO.ORG this June, we invite artists to investigate both the clichés of cinema and those of our everyday lives.

Arising from the premise that the conscious aspects of affective relations happen between imagined identities, the performance project FICTIVE DAYS challenges artists to live as mainstream film characters. Out of all project applicants, eight selected artists will be brought together for 2 full weeks to live together as their chosen film characters in a Berlin apartment.

The application deadline for FICTIVE DAYS is May 1st 2008. To apply now or learn more, please CLICK HERE.


Local and international writers are asked to participate in the OPEN DIALOGUES program of live events, textual interventions and to write on the socially engaged work of the NEW LIFE BERLIN festival.

Collaborating with the participating writers, OPEN DIALOGUES will investigate the implications and the role of critical writing as discourse and practice, and will publish articles and texts in an organic response to the festival as it unfolds.

The application deadline for OPEN DIALOGUES is May 1st 2008. To apply now or learn more, CLICK HERE.

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