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Okay, fine. So how do I compete with this? First WNYC and now The New Yorker. I’m tired of being a citizen journalist. I wanna get paid. I gotta think up one of those catchy pop-culture analysis books, some trendspotting co-branded viral marketing social networked web 2.0 platform-agnostic millenial post post modern mash-up hybrid visual culture theory of innovative change agents under 30 and sell the crap out of it.

I’ve also been thinking about becoming a spiritual guru social self-help creative visualization chakra healing flow of prosperity consciousness type dude.

Decisions, decisions.

BTW – Sasha Frere-Jones is cruel. He wrote about this awesome Sonic Youth/The Feelies show at Battery Park on July 4th except he neglected to mention that although it is FREE they started giving tickets away on June 12th and it has been sold-out for weeks. Thanks a lot. I mean, I guess if I worked for a publication and could get free tickets to everything I wanted to go to I wouldn’t worry about it either.

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