The Ongoing Saga of IRT & The Developers, Part I

This article in the NY TIMES tells how Village Nonprofit Groups Say They Are Surprised by a Steep Rise in Rents. They’re talking about the Archive Building, home to IRT – my theater. IRT’s educational programs reach over 20,000 public school kids annually. Our annual Deaf Festival allows deaf students from RIT to come to NYC, show their work and shine. We are planning to grow both of these programs to serve larger populations. Our new work development program and artist in residence program has already supported many emerging (and more established) artists. We are rapidly becoming a home for a new generation of young artists and a development space for innovative, exciting new work.

We have been working our asses off to reinvigorate IRT and make a new home for new work in New York City.

I’m told that we’re in discussions with the management company to try and figure out some kind of plan, but who knows how that will go.

Fingers crossed.

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