Have You Heard About The Ohio?

Rumors abound – I’ve gotten at least three emails/facebook messages that the Ohio is closing. what I hear is that the space was sold out from under them and as of the end of the year its done. though i’ve also heard that shows booked there through Feb. might be alright. everyone else is scrambling to find new homes.  

What do you know? Info please!!

3 thoughts on “Have You Heard About The Ohio?”

  1. Anon Y. Mouse says:

    I have a friend who heard from Lyons himself that it’s closing, but maybe not until June. The building has apparently been sold.

  2. Devastated... says:

    no no no no NO!! Say it ain’t so!!! The Ohio is the best space in the city and probably the most hospitable place to put up a show. Is there anything to be done??? Letter writing campaigns? A bake sale? This is just a total tragedy and will leave a HUGE hole in the Off Off community.

  3. Ludlow Lad says:

    I agree that if the Ohio is no longer a viable off-off space it will leave a HUGE void in the community. My questions is how to FILL that void. The the economy tanking the way it is, but who the landlords come crawling back to to lease their no longer desirable spaces? THEATERS. I’m not an optimist by nature…but there could be some GREAT opportunities opening up.

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