amazingland is amazingtastic.

i think its not running anymore. but it will be back. hell yeah. like i suspected amazingland at HERE was amazing. when they finish making this show and it opens for real it is going to be huge. H-U-G-E! Geoff and Trey bring the all wear bowlers whimsical existential physical slapstick comedy thing and Cuiffo brings the sardonic sleight-of-hand huckster carnival seedy magician thing and it all gets rolled up into a big ball of hi-larious and mezmerizing artertainment. Its not that the magic tricks are so amazing – though some of them are – but that these characters that they’ve created are so engaging and fun to hang out with.  mark my words – and your calendar- this show is going to be gangbusters. I’m totally serious I can actually see this going to Broadway. Or at least a big off-broadway house like The Vineyard.

In other news – I’m way behind on posting. I have seen a bunch of shows and also done other stuff.

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