Designing in Teheran

I just stumbled across this while I was doing research on a different project. Very interesting:
Designing in Teheran is an international contest open to creatives, designers and architects, who are called upon to develop a design for two multistorey buildings, hereafter A and B, set in the Iranian city of Teheran.
The aim of the contest is to bring together ideas and identify solutions that will provide the best and most coherent integration of the structures in the local urban and commercial setting, with projects that take into account cultural and technical aspects, in order to enhance the buildings, making them recognisable, with a clear sense of identity. The spaces in question will be used for commercial premises and offices, and crucial in these designs will be the ability to convey the sense that these spaces are interpreted with contemporary sensitivity.

The Contest will select three designs for A and three for B, before going on to proclaim one winner for A and one for B.

Complete info here.

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