Weekend Wrap-Up

A couple highlights from last weekend:

X Space opened up in the old Dia building and I was so impressed.  Mika Tajima had an amazing installation on the first floor.  If you saw her pieces at either The Kitchen last fall or in the 2008 Whitney Biennial, it’s really amazing to see her work on such a large scale.

Elizabeth Dee has been screening early Derek Jarman films in her gallery space, and has now expanded it to a huge mulit-floor experience.  It’s so incredible.

Also, last Saturday at Santos Party House, Linda Simpson hosted a fundraiser for the Quentin Crisp archive. The fabulously flamboyant and witty gay icon Quentin Crisp (who died in 1999 at age 90) got a party fit for a queen. The lively literary salon included readings, recollections and performances by some of Crisp’s most ardent admirers.

One of my favorite memories from last autumn was stumbling upon dozens of extras from the new Quentin Crisp biography film “An Englishman in New York.”  Highly costumed leather daddies, cowboys, and twinks were just trolling around Bedford Ave, waiting for the next shoot.  I was in heaven.

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