Entertaining Science tonight

From Mark Mitton in the Culturebot mailbox:

Just wanted to let you know about this interesting and unusual event tonight at the Cornelia Street Café.

Entertaining Science is presented by Roald Hoffmann every first Sunday of the month.

Tonight’s theme is ANNIHILATION!

In addition to yours truly annihilating things in front of your eyes, you will have the chance to see:

NIDHAL GUESSOUM, astrophysicist

There seems to be no shortage of ways to end things. Yet endings may be beginnings as well. Astrophysicist Nidhal Guessoum, also a writer and thinker on issues of science and religion in the world of Islam, will show the many ways of annihilation – from his work on matter and antimatter in the universe, to PET, a remarkable medical diagnosis tool based on the tell-tale signs of annihilation, through mysticism to video games bent on destroying worlds, and new ideas on rocket propulsion. Did you know that 10 billion tons of antimatter are produced and annihilated each second in our galaxy — and astrophysicists can’t figure out where that comes from?!

FRED BUCHHOLZ, special effects man

Fred Buchholz is a special effects man, with a very interesting career. That he has an ATF Permit to use High Explosives and is a licensed New York City Pyrotechnic hints at one side of what he does; his remarkable effects for the Muppets, TV and film show other ways of inducing people to suspend disbelief. Fred will show some clips from his work with the Muppets, The Sopranos, as well as several feature films and talk about his work.

Cover $10 – RESERVATIONS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Call Cornelia Street Café at 212-989-9319.

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