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This just landed in my email inbox. Sounds troubling, not sure what to make of it….. will sign the petition though. Interesting in light of the upcoming Catalan Days festival in NYC.:

After a very inspiring collaboration, the news (see underneath) arrived to us that Sala Rekalde in Bilbao is under huge pressure. Please read the petition and support this important institution. Thank you very much!

Frederique Bergholtz, Annie Fletcher, Maaike Gouwenberg

If I Can’t Dance, I Don’t Want To Be Part Of Your Revolution

PO Box 51144

NL – 1007 EC Amsterdam


Following the news of the dismissal of Pilar Mur, director of Sala Rekalde in Bilbao, Spain ( and the news stories questioning the programme of this public exhibition space, an initiative has been launched in support of Sala Rekalde and its team.

Sala Rekalde, under the directorship of Mur since 2001 and with curators Chus Martínez (2002 to 2005) and Leire Vergara (2006 to today), has offered a programme of exhibitions and publications, dedicated to the work of important Basque and international contemporary art practitioners, that has made Rekalde an art exhibition space of reference in the Basque Country, Spain and internationally. The dismissal of Mur by the Culture Department of the Province of Biscay, as a result of her criticism of the Culture Department’s decision to exclude a work of political content from the free-submission exhibition Ertibil-2008 endangers Sala Rekalde’s invaluable contribution to contemporary art and culture in general. This dismissal comes with a media campaign in which Sala Rekalde has been criticised for its recent showcasing of Basque conceptual art, the lack of ‘talent’ of the artists exhibited, and the programme’s alleged proximity to sectors of the radical left that are said to have politicised its programme. All of these are ungrounded and unfair criticisms.

We would really appreciate your support of Sala Rekalde’s investment in contemporary art practice in the form of a signature. In order to read and/or sign the public declaration of support or see the current signatures, please visit:

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