In Search of the Invisible People

If you want to heat things up this winter we suggest getting over to Dixon Place to check out Niles Ford and Urban Dance Collective’s new show IN SEARCH OF THE INVISIBLE PEOPLE. Not only will you get to see some fantastic dance – you’ll be able to bust some of your own moves on Saturday January 9th and Saturday January16th as the show turns into a dance party featuring DJs Kervyn Mark, Herb Martin, DJ Eddie S., and Kevin Hedge. If the APAP party people know what’s good for them they’ll be dancing up a storm in Dixon Place’s fierce new venue. Who knows, maybe the good folks at DP will let the party go late late late!

If you haven’t seen Niles’ work before, you should check it out. And this project, created in collaboration with Rituals Dance Theater, sounds like an interesting concoction of urban contemporary goodness. According to the press release:

In Search of the Invisible People is a “danceumentary” that traces the social revolution of the 80’s to the censorship of today through the underground house music dance scene. Blending video, vogue-ing and spoken word, this work confronts the marginalization of a generation, as well as the loss and subsequent relegation of an electrifying musical genre and the people who made that music. Taking inspiration from Love is the Message, the massive dance/disco instrumental hit, In Search of the Invisible People follows the underground scene from a golden age of dance in such clubs as Paradise Garage and The Loft where the only thing that mattered was the music and that diverse people from all backgrounds came together to dance in an environment free from status and designer-driven attitude.  These pre-Giuliani days were before the controversial mayor began a “Quality of Life” campaign that included closing nightclubs where the underground world thrived.  In Search of the Invisible People also chronicles the various subcultures that came together and where their marginalized inhabitants thrived while examining the questions: Why isn’t there more radio play for House music? Are there racial ramifications to the music? Is it too inspirational? Why is there no inspired dance music on the radio? How has this lack affected people of color?

The artistic directors have collaborated with leading composers of house music including Joe Clausell, Kevin Hedge and Louie Vega who have helped re-vitalize the genre. Specifically, this project will explore the political power and evolution of the music and its deejays. There will be a deeper theme investigating the continued marginalization of people of color through music, dance, and art.

So find some time to get down to Chrystie St. and check it out:

Dixon Place presents
URBAN DANCE COLLECTIVE in collaboration with Rituals Dance Theater
In Search of the Invisible People
Wednesdays-Saturdays, January 6, 7, 8, 9*, 13, 14, 15, 16* at 7:30pm
Wed, Thurs tickets: $15 (general admission), $12 (students/seniors)
Friday $20 (general admission), $15 (students/seniors)
Saturdays – $25 includes performance and dance party until midnight

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