Faye Driscoll at DTW

Photo by Christy Pessagno

Just got back from Faye Driscoll’s There is so much mad in me at DTW. It was a fun thrill ride of a show and the sold-out audience agreed with me, receiving the work with rapt attention and thunderous applause. Ably and energetically performed by Lindsay Clark, Lily Gold, Michael Helland, Tony Orrico, Jennie MaryTai Liu, Jacob Slominski, Adaku Utah, Jesse Zaritt and Nikki Zialcita, There is so much mad in me explores the behavior of individuals in masses, veering from ecstasy to agony and back again. At the same time Driscoll explores mass hysteria, from the hype experienced as part of an overstimulated audience in a talk show to group sports to the subtler group dynamics of popularity and exclusion.

Driscoll has choreographed for Taylor Mac, NTUSA and Young Jean Lee, and their influence shows, from the “let’s put on a show” bonhomie of the cast, to the snippets of dialogue and “break the fourth wall” staging. Just when the show feels like its getting a little too loose, Driscoll pulls it back with some rigorous choreography and ensemble work.

If some scenes feel a little obvious, that can be forgiven, as so much of it is so smart. There is so much mad in me is fun and funny with some startlingly poignant moments and its exuberance and spirit is a refreshing change of pace from some of the more dolorous fare we’ve seen of late.

Go check it out if you can.

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