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Just got back from the launch party for HERE’s new intiative – the MADE HERE PROJECT. MADE HERE is a new documentary series and website devoted to the challenging and eclectic lives of performing artists in New York City. It is compelling, engaging and enlightening. I mean, maybe not so much for those of us who live and work as artists here in the city, but it is a great document of the issues, struggles and ideas we wrestle with on a daily basis. SInce CULTUREBOT has been devoted to trying to chronicle this stuff for nigh on 7 years now, it is great to see someone get the funding and the resources to really bring the lives of NYC artists to life in a new way.

And as if that weren’t enough, HERE just launched a brand-new website! If you want to see a state of the art website for a performing arts organization, check their site out. It is incredibly information-rich, top of the line stuff, easy to navigate and totally tricked out with all the latest gizmos and doo-dads.

Kudos to HERE for pushing the whole online game to another level!!

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