Save the Date for Wrought Iron Fog

Pictured: Matthew Rogers, Hilary Clark, Daniel Clifton, Heather Olson, Erin Gerken Photo: Yi-Chun Wu

Dance Theater Workshop, in association with Tere O’Connor Dance, presents a return engagement of O’Connor’s Wrought Iron Fog. In a move away from episodic structures in dance, O’Connor submits to the forward rush of time as a ruling order, creating a complex chorographic essay on the nature of consciousness. Extreme shifts in rhythm, mood and style mirror the mercurial, unfixed nature of the human mind, and launch the brilliant performers into a state of constant flux. Wrought Iron Fog features an original score by James Baker, lighting design by Michael O’Connor, and set design by Walter Dundervill and O’Connor. The work is performed by Hilary Clark, Daniel Clifton, Erin Gerken, Heather Olson and Matthew Rogers. Wrought Iron Fog premiered at Dance Theater Workshop in New York City, November 2009.

In association with
Tere O’Connor Dance
Wrought Iron Fog
June 23 – 26 at 7:30pm

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