Notes From Berlin (Part I)

Poster at Brecht-Weigel Memorial House

Poster at Brecht-Weigel Memorial House

Tuesday morning we had another symposium at the hotel followed by a lovely lunch hosted by The Federal Foreign Office’s Division of Interregional Cultural Projects, The Arts. After lunch we split up into two groups. My group took a field trip to the Brecht-Weigel Memorial, informally known as Bertie’s House. (Just kidding, it was the home of Bertolt Brecht and his wife Helene Weigel.) After Helene’s death in 1953 the home was preserved exactly as she left it, and Brecht’s books and belongings are placed in such a way as to suggest he has just stepped out for a walk or a drive. It is quite nice and the tour guide was very energetic and informative.

Having a few hours to spare between our visit to the Brecht-Weigel Memorial and that evening’s performance, Meiyin and I took a short tourist-y boat trip on the Spree followed by a visit to the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, which was very moving, and a quick visit to the Brandenburg Gate. Sometimes it is nice just to be a tourist.

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