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“Ephemeral Evidence” Alums Presenting Work

Back in April, Culturebot was invited to curate a week of events as part of Exit Art’s grand closing-down retrospective; our exhibit, “Ephemeral Evidence,” granted one-day performance residencies to a series of artists, and ended in a phenomenal bash featuring Yves Klein art wrestling, a

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Culturebot’s “Ephemeral Evidence” Live

Live video from your iPhone using Ustream Welcome to Culturebot’s “Ephemeral Evidence” live, streaming part of each day from Exit Art, where we’re in residence April 17-21. Gallery hours are 11-6 during the week, so please stop by. Our closing bash on Saturday, April 21,

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This is the third article in a multi-part essay Andy is writing that examines the relationship between performance and visual art from a variety of perspectives including economics, curatorial practice and cultural ecology.

The Theater(s)We Need Now

Okay.  I wrote a really long discursive essay about The Theater(s) We Need Now – and I didn’t even dive too deep into the arts admin weeds – but I know how things are, I know what life is like, I know everybody’s busy so

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Andy Horwitz (Founder)

Andy Horwitz is a critic, curator and creative producer with over twenty years of experience in the for-profit and not-for-profit creative sectors.  He is the founder of Culturebot Arts & Media, Inc., publisher of, the web’s foremost thought-leading arts and culture magazine and is a 2014 recipient of