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Shifting Shape in January: Day 5 Dispatch (AR Talk, Juliana May, Ni’Ja Whitson & Wendell Cooper)

Monday morning performance hangover is cured by a talk moderated by Tara Aisha Willis, and the works of Julianna May, Ni’Ja Whitson/The NWA Project and Wendell Cooper/Mx. Oops…”in all my life, I’ve never seen this and I’m not even sure what the this is, but I know, I know I’m seeing something, something whose name I am still yet to learn but something that rises and stands, defies old paradigms and is filled with heat and strength and a promise for the tomorrows…”

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Juliette Mapp’s “The Making of Americans”

I’ve been thinking about how watching live performance is often an act of meditative practice for me. I’ve considered this before, but Andy’s recent post about watching performance as a spiritual practice was quite eloquent and inspiring. It has had me actively pondering how to

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Yasuko Yokoshi at DTW

Yasuko Yokoshi’s work has long been engaged in questions around cultural authenticity and identity – as impacted in a mobile and fluid world where the merging of cultures is increasingly prevalent.  As an artist she has been called both “unruly” and “enigmatic,” revealing the thorny

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DTW announces 2009-2010 Season

FROM THE PRESS RELEASE: Dance Theater Workshop’s 2009-2010 season showcases dedication to artistic exploration, innovation, and quality programming through Dance Theater Workshop’s commissioning program, Season of Returns, Studio Series Creative Residency Program, Fresh Tracks Performance and Residency Program, Lobby TALKS, and Family Matters.  Strategic partnerships

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Shtudio Show at Chez Bushwick

Culturebot Contributor Ryan Tracy sends in this report about Chez Bushwick’s last “Shtudio Show” in October. The next “Shtudio Show @ Chez Bushwick” is this Saturday, November 19, at 9PM. Chez Bushwick 304 Boerum, Buzzer 11 The Bushwick, Brooklyn $5 more info? go to