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Shifting Shape in January: Day 5 Dispatch (AR Talk, Juliana May, Ni’Ja Whitson & Wendell Cooper)

Monday morning performance hangover is cured by a talk moderated by Tara Aisha Willis, and the works of Julianna May, Ni’Ja Whitson/The NWA Project and Wendell Cooper/Mx. Oops…”in all my life, I’ve never seen this and I’m not even sure what the this is, but I know, I know I’m seeing something, something whose name I am still yet to learn but something that rises and stands, defies old paradigms and is filled with heat and strength and a promise for the tomorrows…”

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Curatorial Practice and Cultural Production

Another section of Andy’s multipart essay “The Economics of Ephemerality” examining the relationship between performance and visual art from a variety of perspectives including economics, curatorial practice and cultural ecology.

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Got an ITCH to write?

Call for submissions to itch #4! Subject: E v i d e n c e D E A D L I N E: M O N D A Y J A N U A R Y 1 5. itch is an evolving art project in