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American Dad Nails American Theater

This episode of American Dad is probably one of the most insightful critiques of the state of mainstream American theater that I’ve ever seen. It hilariously skewers the torpid writing, tired narratives and predictable dramatic devices of mainstream theater. Everything from the overwrought acting to

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How architecture helped music evolve

This is a great TED talk by David Byrne on how music is affected by the conditions under which it is created. while he is speaking specifically about music, the premise spans all disciplines. Anybody who is interested in making contemporary work today should be

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Dave Malloy and Brittain Ashford Do Beck

Newly-anointed Music Theater God Dave Malloy (Beowulf, Three Pianos, Pierre & Natasha) and Bushwick chanteuse Brittain Ashford team up for this haunting rendition of Beck’s Please Leave a Light on When You Go, from his new sheet-music-only release Song Reader. See a whole bunch more