Got an ITCH to write?

Call for submissions to itch #4!
Subject: E v i d e n c e
D E A D L I N E: M O N D A Y J A N U A R Y 1 5.

itch is an evolving art project in the form of a journal that aspires to serve the community of dancers and other artists of the Los Angeles area and beyond.

Answer the question(s) below to submit to itch #4:

How might we record our efforts, in a way that might inspire new ways
of thinking about art, or living in general? How might we act as our own historians; capture the ephemeral. define it, serenade it, critique it, massage it into being? How might we create an unprecedented moment or scenario that can be documented?

Consider, through action, what it means to be controversial, proactive, performative. Invent scenarios that intervene in the everyday. Be the see-er and notice what goes unnoticed. Be the seen and challenge inappropriate viewership. Make history. Interview a mentor or another artist. Start a dialogue (or fight) across disciplines, desires, aesthetics, politics, etc. Make a scene.

For the fourth issue of itch we are asking for submissions that are evidence of an experience, process, intervention, or experiment. Please submit a transcription, description and/or translation of an event you created, witnessed, or facilitated. Documents (drawings, receipts, maps, equations, still images, etc) may accompany your submission, keeping in mind it must be small scale and legible in black and white photocopy. As always,experimentation is welcomed.

Send submissions to tpblueAThotmailDOTcom.

Also, coming soon…. itch website. For now visit: myspaceDOTcomBACKSLASHanatomyriot

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