Katie Ingram, Tony Torn, Julie Atlas Muz, and Sara Rahmen in "Ubu Sings Ubu." Photo by Max Basch

Talking with the Creators of “Ubu Sings Ubu”

Tony Torn and Dan Safer talk about how they out together the coolest show onstage this month

Facing The Fear of Twine

A conversation with Richard Goodness, curator of the online exhibition "Fear of Twine", which will be live until April 18th.

Richard Maxwell Discusses “Isolde”

In the company's newest show, Richard Maxwell comes closer than ever before to a conventional well-made play. But for him, it's all part of...
Photo by Lee Sher

Talking to LeeSaar about “Princess Crocodile” @ BAC

Lydia chats with Lee Sher and Saar Harari about investment in process, being a person first, making work as a couple and the NYC...

The Autodidact’s Guide to Curatorial Practice In Performance

Reflections on curatorial practice, the upcoming ACAQ Symposium in Montreal and the first edition of "The Autodidact's Guide to Curatorial Practice In Performance"
"Opal Loop" (Photo by Julieta Cervantes)

Don’t Miss Trisha Brown Dance Company at NYLA

Trisha Brown Dance Company comes to NYLA for a week of performances, public programs and an archival exhibit.
The very last stop: Machines with Magnets in Pawtucket, RI

Relational March: Poughkeepsie, Kingston, Hartford, Pawtucket

Relational March Day 25-31 32 days hath the Relational March, a tour through 24 towns by two performance art duos/collective, Panoply Performance Laboratory (Esther...
3-Cosmicomics-Lee Wexler_LoRes

Talking to Ildiko Nemeth about Cosmicomics

Katy Einerson, Dixon Place's Director of Programming, talks to Ildiko Nemeth about her new production of Italo Calvino's Cosmicomics opening March 28th at Dixon...
Image by Christy Pessagno

The Month That Was in Dance with Faye Driscoll and Beth Gill

Lydia's thoughts on Faye Driscoll's "Thank You For Coming" at Danspace at Beth Gill's "New Work for the Desert" at NYLA