Monthly Archives: February 2016

Nice Fish If You Can Catch It

Nice Fish, by Mark Rylance and Louis Jenkins, currently playing at St. Ann’s Warehouse through March 27th, takes this activity that most of us have never engaged in and makes it – at least for me – totally, nostalgically, tragically familiar.

I’LL NEVER LOVE AGAIN at The Bushwick Starr

‘I’ll Never Love Again’ premieres at The Bushwick Starr this week. The show, which is described as “part concert and part archaeological dig about first love, first heartbreak, and how those formative teenage experiences haunt the rest of our lives,” was created using excerpts from Barron’s actual teenage diary, and is performed by a “choir of downtown’s finest.”

Due to Events: Existential Squirreliness

Human Head Performance Group’s Due to Events, a curious collection of play pieces that have been constructed by Jean Ann Douglass and Eric John Meyer into a performance that runs through February 27th at The Brick, embraces a squirrely sense of logic that creates an

Open Spectrum – February 13 at New York Live Arts

On Monday night, New York Live Arts kicked off the 2016 Live Ideas festival, MENA/Future, which is devoted to a generation of artists whose creative networks across socio-political divides reveal a diverse and future-oriented vision for the Middle East North African region. I was in