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Call me a sap, but the idea that theatre can be a vehicle for magic enchants me whenever I’m watching a good play. That is, until the fight scene happens… Where is that slap sound coming from? Was that supposed to be a head-butt? What’s

Sharing the Journey: Kirstin Huber’s WRETCHED SCRAPBOOK

You wouldn’t know that the woman dancing (meditatively, joyfully) in the corner had spent much of the last two years struggling just to walk. You wouldn’t know that she’d undergone a pair of painful and frightening surgeries that left her scarred and upended her life.

The Big Hill: Better Stories Through Inclusion

In a time when the support for autistic actors playing autistic roles is rapidly growing and when Deaf West’s Spring Awakening is able to run on Broadway and received three Tony Nominations, one would hope that I would be less pleasantly surprised when I see

To Post or Not to Post?

What does it mean to live and die in the age of Social Media? This is the question at the heart of Five on a Match’s Seen/By Everyone at HERE Arts Center. Set in a limbo-like bar, aptly named Acheron (the Greek river of woe