Monthly Archives: March 2017

Held Together by Skin: A response to The War Boys

Not more than 10 minutes into Naomi Wallace’s War Boys we see a frustrated young man jerking off to the Pledge of Allegiance. He’s part of a three-man brigade that hangs out for kicks every night on the US/Mexico border, passing the time cracking beers,

The Sound of What Happens at CHESS MATCH NO. 5

Me feeling uncertain that things can ever just be themselves. Aren’t our thoughts always intruding? Don’t we always “all feel like our own life is the center of the universe,” (as one of them also says) not because we’re self-centered necessarily, but because we literally cannot get outside of our own body’s perspective?

Nibbler @ Rattlestick

  The eponymous Nibbler, of The Amoralists’ world premiere presentation, running at Rattlestick through March 18, strikes when you’re about to have your first true sexual encounter. Its alien touch fast forwards the personal growth that will ultimately stem from that experience, as if you