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This Box Tickles Fascists: On Brandon Woolf’s THE CONSOLE

Along with the liveness of unmediated human presence, THE CONSOLE manages to be zeitgeisty, equal parts response to Covid isolation and election anxiety, in a way that isn’t instructive. It feels vital, earnest, and all the more critically alive for its irreverence.

Ann Liv Young’s Home Theater

Want to take out your phone and text? Please, I dare you, and I hope I’m there to see what happens. Maybe Young will want to take a selfie, or share your photos, or throw your phone out the window. Anything could happen.

Terrence O’Brien in the studio

“I’ll just put my bias on the table.” What is the impact of the work? “Let’s turn over the rock and see what’s under there.” Terry says.

Queering Marriage

Editor’s Note: QUEERING MARRIAGE is the concluding essay documenting the long-table process around Kyoung’s Pacific Beat’s production of PILLOWTALK at the Tank. You can read about the previous conversations here and here. I have the privilege of sharing out PILLOWTALK’s third, and final long-table, addressing