Culturebot Goes Uptown

We want to thank Andrew Krucoff for inviting Culturebot to the excellent reading by Adam Gopnik and Patricia Marx at the 92nd Street Y.

At the reception beforehand, a motley assemblage of us bloggers did some offline social networking (i.e., mingling while scarfing free wine and cheese). Do check out some of our new friends: Save the Assistants, Eater, and CampusJ, among others. Gawker’s Team Party Crash declined to show, alas.

What did we learn?

On the real estate front (a popular Culturebot leitmotif) we got confirmation that Makor is relocating to Tribeca, but since the lease hasn’t been signed, an exact location wasn’t disclosed.

Everyone was eager to tell Culturebot to see At Least It’s Pink at Ars Nova, the creation of Michael Patrick King (“Sex and the City”), Kenny (“Herb” of Kiki & Herb) Mellman and Bridget Everett. Duly noted.

Wish we could’ve attended the post-reading festivities at Auction House but the overriding need for sleep prevailed. Next time, though, we’re wearing our drinking pants.

Update: photos of the reception at the Y’s flickr page.

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