CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS to PS122’s Avant-Garde-Arama on June 1st-2nd, 2007!

AGA is a mini-festival of performance, dance, music, film, installations and general mayhem, bringing together emerging and established artists in all disciplines to show off their newest stuff in 8 minutes or less. It’s PS122’s longest running series (25 years), and many greats have passed through its doors. The event will be huge, exciting, and always culminates in a dance party. Each artist performs on one of two nights: Friday or Saturday, June 1st-2nd @
8pm. You can use this as an opportunity to try out something new, excerpt a project you’ve been working on, or do WHATEVER would be exciting for you in this context.

Deadline for submissions is March 15th. Please include documentation with instructions for viewing/listening along with an SASE if you want your materials returned. PLEASE SEND VIDEO/DVD OF THE PIECE YOU WANT TO PERFORM. Let us know how long your piece is as the 8 minute limit is not flexible.

Send proposals to:
Performance Space 122, attn Salley May / AGA
150 First Ave.
New York, NY, 10009

Any questions can be directed to Salley May, (212) 477-5829, ext. 316 or avant_garde_arama@yahoo.com

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