Tell them lies; tell them sweet little lies…

The folks at itch are seeking submissions on fiction for their next issue. (itch is an evolving art project in the form of a journal that aspires to serve the community of dancers and other artists of the Los Angeles area and beyond.) Here’s what they have to say:

“As (movement) artists, practitioners, creators, and citizens of the Bush Administration, we experience miscellaneous forms of fiction everyday. Whether or not we recognize them as such is often a moot point. We make use fiction (ie metaphor, fantasy, illusion) as a communicative device in our work, and a way to move us smoothly through the day. Fiction also helps us unwind, or cope. When we take time to recognize the amount of fictions we are immersed in everyday, we come to realize that fiction is not about varying levels of believability, nor is it the opposite of truth. It is simply a strategy, a tactic.

We’d like to collect a mĂ©lange of fiction for issue #5 of itch:
actual prose/storytelling; a (radical) faerie/fairy tale; a record of how you employ fiction in your own work or daily life; a record of how fiction is employed by another person or entity (be they a politician, an artist, your professor, your pet, a movie, a war, etc); recorded observations of your daily surroundings; or something else. tell us lies.

Call for submissions to ITCH #5: fiction and fictions:

1. the class of literature comprising works of imaginative narration, esp. in prose form…

2. something feigned, invented, or imagined;

3. an imaginary thing or event, postulated for the purposes of argument or explanation.

4.”a piece of truth that turns lies to meaning” (Dorothy Allison)

D E A D L I N E: T U E S D A Y MAY 1, 2007.

Send submissions to submitATitchjournalDOTorg.

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