rotozaza blog

So we recently discovered that director Ant Hampton from rotozaza keeps a blog. I’m sure we’ll read more about his adventures in NYC soon. Last night I watched dress rehearsal of doublethink and fell in love with the show all over again. We had our good pals Dylan Latimer and Jenny Seastone Stern as guest performers and the small but appreciative audience was blown away by their great work.

We can’t tell the exact evening on which any these people appear, but on any given night this week at P.S. 122 you might see: Steve Cuiffo, Yehuda Duenyas, Maggie Hoffman, Ishmael Houston-Jones, Theo Kogan, Gavin Kroeber, Neal Medlyn, Annabelle Meunier, Tanya Selvaratnam, and/or Ann Liv Young.

So come on down. The show opens tonight. Party to follow.

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