The Date Vine Launches

We just found out about a new site that sounds really fantastic. Here’s the email we got:

The Datevine is a resource for great ideas of things to do in a given city – not only restaurants and bars, the stuff you can find on any city listings site, but also the quirky things that only locals really know and which are hard out about to find if you don’t already know what you are looking for, or that maven you always ask for inspiration happens to be out of town.

It’s still in beta, and there are plenty of features we plan on adding, like maps, and more community stuff, but right now I’d just love to hear any feedback you have about the site. Obviously I’d also like it if you felt the urge to put a bunch of tips in, and told all your friends about it too, but I’d settle for feedback if that’s all you can manage.

If your city isn’t listed we still want your tips! Just submit as usual but put the city name in the tags field (you can find them through a keyword search) and we’ll add cities when we get critical mass.”

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