Dublin Fringe Deadline

We just received an email from the Dublin Fringe Festival reminding us that there are only just over three weeks left to apply! The festival will be September 8-23, 2007. There’s an online application process here: http://www.fringefest.com/2007

Deadline for submissions, including supporting material, is Friday, 27th April at 5pm.

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Dublin Fringe Festival

Dublin Fringe Festival (DFF) is Ireland’s leading multi-disciplinary festival and operates as a year round organisation focusing on new and innovative approaches to contemporary performance and visual arts. The festival is a two week showcase and celebration of theatre, dance, music, visual and LIVE arts, street and outdoor events and spectacles.

DFF provides a platform for new and emerging Irish artists and a professional context in which to present their work; it provides an environment in which established Irish artists can challenge, subvert and invigorate their disciplines; and it introduces Irish audiences to innovative and celebrated contemporary International artists and practices to which they would otherwise not be exposed to outside of the festival.

A curated fringe festival

Founded in 1995, the Dublin Fringe Festival is a curated festival. To be considered, artists must submit an online application and send us supporting documentation and examples of previous work. The selection process is ongoing and participation is by invitation only.
• We are actively seeking out pioneering practitioners with unique ideas, interested in taking innovative approaches to classical and original material; artists with an interest in developing work along the lines of specific themes, skills and concepts.
•We are interested in promoting risk-taking in content, style and form; artistic expression across a range of media and genres, and keenly encourage submissions based on devised work and collaborations.
•We want to hear from companies, individual artists, promoters and ensembles, who are creating provocative work that pushes the boundaries within the genres in which they are working.
Talk to us and tell us how your proposal meets the criteria above and why you want work to be presented in the Dublin Fringe Festival.

Who can apply?

We accept applications from professional Irish and International artists, performers and companies who can demonstrate a level of excellence and professionalism in their work.

We do not accept applications from students or amateur groups.

The application process is highly competitive (only 1 out of every 5 submissions is programmed). However, if you are new or inexperienced this does not mean that your chances of being accepted are any less diminished. It is an important remit of the Dublin Fringe Festival, to provide a platform and context for unknown artists as well as an environment for the untried and untested.


There are two stages to making a complete submission to the festival:
Step 1. Online application form – You need to fill out an online application form.
Step 2. Submission of Supporting Documentation – Depending on the type of submission your making you will need to send us (preferably by email) images, recordings, technical rider, scripts, etc.

Please click here to apply

(no submissions are accepted after Friday 27th April 2007)

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