A little note from the Editor

“For if it is true that some experiments succeed and others fail, then shouldn’t we expect PS 122’s in-house blog to discuss that the spirit of experimentation should be celebrated?”

the above quote is from Parabasis’ reaction to Mike’s post about Essential Self-Defense. I guess I should clarify things a bit. Culturebot isn’t really PS122’s in-house blog. Yes, I started the blog in December 2003 as a PS122 initiative, and yes because I work at PS122 it has a bias towards the work and attitude we have here. But it is still, ultimately, my blog. It is created in the spirit of PS122 – which is that all the writers here have the freedom to express themselves however they want with whatever views they want. We encourage dicussion and experimentation and not everything will be “in-line” with what PS122 should be saying. That is why we had all those crazy reports from the field by Ivan Bellman/Ian Belton.

Culturebot is a big umbrella. If it were actually the PS122 in-house blog then they would support it financially – but I do all of this out of my own pocket, on my own time and as a labor of love for the theatrical community.


Andy Horwitz

Oh yeah and also: PS122 doesn’t just celebrate “the spirit of experimentation” we support actual experimentation. Richard Maxwell started here. maybe you saw verdensteateret’s “Concert for Greenland”. come see rotozaza this week. look at the track record. if mainstream playwrights decide to try and be “edgy” by nicking from the experimental world that’s their business. And they should be prepared to suffer the same critical rebuke that many experimentalists face on an ongoing basis.

Oh yeah and also plus plus: I agree with a lot of what Parabasis says, except for the part that this blog should say anything. and trust me, if I could get the friggin’ comments on this site to work I would love to continue the discussion about ethics of giving free tickets & beer to bloggers; the role of bloggers in the theater world, etc. etc. It is all interesting stuff. And we can discuss it all in person at Culturebot Cocktails! April 30th! Live Nude Bloggers Mud Wrestling!!!

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