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Jack Ferver Psyches Us Out

Culturebot’s Aaron Mattocks interviews the inimitable Jack Ferver to find out what was on and in his mind as he created his new show Rumble Ghost, based on the cult classic horror film Poltergeist and “Inner Child Work” therapy.

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Mark Morris and The Hard Nut

What could be a satirical “take” on the Nutcracker in the hands of others is rather played out in The Hard Nut as a beautiful, bold, sensitive, nuanced, and totally earnest coming-of-age story – this IS the Nutcracker.

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Age and Myth: Jonah Bokaer’s ANCHISES

Jonah Bokaer is at once ubiquitous, driven and remarkably humble; he answered questions for Culturebot amidst preparations for the U.S. premiere of ANCHISES, a tour to Miami for his recent work, Replica, and who knows how many other things.