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On Not ‘Getting It’

When one goes to the beach, does one lie on the sand and watch the water? Or does one wade in until they can barely reach the bottom?

The Youthful Circle of THE WOLVES

DeLappe presents us with a wholly updated picture of youth, in which social awareness has supplanted willful ignorance. The competitive and constantly shifting pecking order within their social hierarchy remains ever brutal, but the battleground is changed. This, along with the fact that we see nine (and eventually ten) women on stage, is what makes The Wolves a unique signpost within the world of new plays.

#liberated Takes On The Internet

#liberated, a play created by The Living Room and conceived and scripted by Lillian Meredith which runs at IRT Theatre through June 19th, employs two play structures simultanously with intriguing results.  On the one hand, it’s a morality play, in which a group of women

Photo Taking and Theater Making: REALLY at Abrons Arts Center

Ms. Drury, without being too showy, infuses our experience with evocative contradictions, challenges, and perceptions of imagery, some of it imagined, but somehow, magically, some of it real, pulled from our own memories and allowed to commingle with our internal experience of the play for a split second.