Monthly Archives: September 2010

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Dance Dialogues

The Arts Department of the Cultural Services of the French Embassy has published the first edition of “Dance Dialogues: Conversations between American and French Choreographers”

Emily Berry & Body Blend at Dixon Place

Call it Destination Dixon Place. You’ve got to go. The newly opened space, in it’s inaugural season complete with new raised audience seating, includes state of the art equipment in its intimate downstairs theater, rehearsal space and a lounge. That’s right, a cozy conversation bar

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Roadkill Confidential at 3LD

If this article were one of the hammy, “noir-ish” asides from Sheila Callaghan’s “Roadkill Confidential” at 3LD it would cheat diagonally and speak from the side of its mouth, à la the F.B.I. agent who leads the audience through this interesting, if hard to grasp,

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THROW at Chocolate Factory

Tuesday night I caught Ursula Eagly’s newest work-in-progress at Sarah Maxfield’s rich and useful Throw Series at the Chocolate Factory. Three choreographers show around 12 minutes of material and then ask the audience three specific questions. As Maxfield states, “it’s like a focus group for dance makers.”

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TBA Festival: Dayna Hanson’s Gloria’s Cause

It’s Monday early afternoon, and I’m finally enjoying a lull in the hectic pace of meetings and show-going that’s been my life since I flew into Portland from New York on Friday for the first weekend of shows at the 2010 Time-Based Art Festival. I’m

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St. Ann’s Warehouse Announces 2010-2011 Season

St. Ann’s Warehouse announced its 2010-2011 season and there are some great shows in the line-up including new work from Ireland’s Druid Theatre Company, Daniel Kitson and Steve Cuiffo doing Lenny Bruce’s Carnegie Hall concert verbatim.